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Van Lent, beautiful photos of Arabian horses worldwide
The Kellogg Arabian Ranch: The First Sixty Years
Annotated Quest, Homer Davenport
The Crabbet Influence in Arabians Today, 20th Anniversary, 1983-2003
The Arab and His Horse by Carl Raswan
Lady Anne Blunt: Journals and Correspondence
The Romance of the Kellogg Ranch
The Bloodline by Karen Bragg, history of the breed and its bloodlines
Drinkers of the Wind by Carl Raswan
*Raffles his Sons and Daughters by Rolland
Finding the Magic by Dan Sumeral
The Blue Arabian Horse Catalog by Ott, complete reprint with updates
...And Ride Away Singing: Al-Marah Arabians by Parkinson
Arabiana, reprints of Arabian horse articles
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